Please download a Volunteer Application Form

Please note – all of our programs require volunteers to be 18 years of age or older.


The order of the steps in the application process can vary from agency to agency, but the following is a general overview of our process at BBBS of Peel. You, the volunteer applicant will:

  • Complete the BBBSP Mentor Application including the required references and return to Enrolment Navigator
  • Submit a vulnerable sector screen police check with local police services – Instructions and Authorization Letter will be sent to you
  • Participate in an in-person interview at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel
  • Successfully complete a mentor Pre-Match Training session specific to program and focusing on child safety
  • Only after all of these steps are fully completed can a decision of acceptance be made

Then what happens?

Similar to the application and assessment process, the matching process can vary from mentor to mentor and the program where you will be placed:

  • We always take your program preferences into account when placing mentors in program, but you may be recommended to start in another program.  We want everyone to have a positive mentoring experience and we pair mentors based on that goal
  • We match mentors with sites and children based on many factors like personality, geography, life experiences and background so strong relationships can develop over time
  • Prior to you starting program or your match, you will be contacted by the caseworker to discuss particulars of the site or the child/family
  • All of our programs require mentors to participate in match monitoring with their program staff which helps to keep everyone safe and happy

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